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On-Board Courier

When you need to move an extremely urgent or highly sensitive shipment, requiring continuous personal surveillance. We use our dedicated couriers, accompanying each shipment from collection direct to the recipient. This gives maximum speed combined with the highest security.

Here’s some of the  benefits of using an on board courier (OBC) service:

  • Speed: OBC services are typically used for urgent or time-sensitive deliveries, as they offer faster transportation options than traditional shipping methods.
  • Security: Because an OBC accompanies the package at all times during transit, there is generally a lower risk of loss, theft, or damage compared to traditional shipping methods.
  • Flexibility: OBC services can be tailored to meet specific delivery requirements, such as specific pickup and delivery times, customs clearance, and handling of sensitive or dangerous goods.
  • Tracking: OBC services provide real-time tracking and communication with the courier throughout the delivery process, so you can stay updated on the status of your package.


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